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October 2018 Newsletter

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Here are some take-aways from the membership seminar at Rotary last month and we need to consider implementing some of these ideas as we build our membership.

  • New members must be educated about Rotary, and old members must be reminded.

  • The purpose of our Club is to fulfill the needs of its members. Fellowship, Networking, and doing good are key elements for joining and staying a member of our Club.

  • Make joining and staying with our Club meaningful to our membership.

  • Connections for business development of our membership is a core Rotary purpose.

I was just in New Orleans and visited the lunch club there. Some observations of interest were that the Club was discussing celebrating its 110 year anniversary. Yikes! We are soon looking at 70 years. Every person there was in a suit or sports jacket, except the women (including their President) who were all in business attire. Sixty-five local Rotarians were in attendance. The program started at Noon and would have been over at 1 had it not been for an amazing discussion on China trade wars and the effect on Louisiana ports with 3 industry speakers on the subject, and a long lasting thunderstorm.

These New Orleans Rotarians were engaged and they were all about the four items I mention above that were discussed at the membership meeting. This Rotary Club is doing something right! It was awesome to see the badge attaché cases holding the members Rotarian name badges. TWO cases FILLED.

We have all the potential in our Club to be a vibrant, sophisticated and a Club meaningful to its members and potential members. As your President I will be working with you so we can achieve greatness for our Club.

Richard Zaretsky, President

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