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International Grant: Outboard Motor at Ak' Tenamit

The Ak’Tenamit school in Livingston, Guatemala is located half an hour by boat from the nearest town. There are no roads. Boats are used as school busses by the 600 resident high school students between two campuses and for any travel to town

Late last spring, a new Torqueedo outboard engine was delivered to Ak’Tenamit. This high-tech electric engine is made in Germany. It is the equivalent of a 20 HP combustion engine. It is emission free, very low maintenance, with a long usable life of about 12 years. At Ak’Tenamit the batteries are charged from an array of solar panels, and the savings in fuel consumption will be $6,000.

A grant totaling around $12,000 was applied for by six cooperating Rotary clubs, with Rotary Club of Palm Beach as the lead club. The district Rotary Foundation supplied $4,500 and $7,500 came from funds donated by the clubs. Another Rotary district donate $4,500 for lithium batteries.

Rotary clubs from this area have been supporting this excellent school since its foundation over thirty years ago by a Rotarian from Jupiter. We will be trying to supply at least two more engines for next year.

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