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Rotary Foundation Grants 101: Area of Focus

So the Club is Qualified and has determined a project idea is sustainable in the Community of Focus. The next step if focusing on the Rotarian Area of Focus. Communities around the world have plenty of challenges. To focus Rotary’s efforts, The Rotary Foundation has chosen six areas where Rotary can contribute to lasting change. These causes help us align all of our work in communities and maximize our global impact. Now is the time to choose at least one area of focus that you want to work in for the benefiting community. * Peace building and conflict prevention

* Disease prevention and treatment

* Water, sanitation, and hygiene

* Maternal and child health

* Basic education and literacy

* Community economic development

Think about the impact you want to make in the community and set a main goal within the area you’ve chosen. Develop a project that will achieve your goal. Read the Areas of Focus Policy Statements for detailed information about eligible global grant activities and outcomes that fall within each area.

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