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Rotary Foundation Grants 101: Being a Qualified Club

Each year, our Club participates in various Grant programs through The Rotary Foundation as well as through our individual District 6930 grant programs. Often times its one passionate, and dedicated, Rotarian who sees this process through (Riccardo Boehm, you know who you are!). But for the rest of us, we wanted to take you through this process over the next few weeks in various blog posts to see exactly how your money gets allocated and used for good!

The first step for any club seeking a Rotary Foundation Grant, a Club must be Qualified. Rotary International wants every grant to demonstrate that we’re ethical, responsible leaders who use our donors’ money wisely. Rotary’s commitment to sound financial management makes it easier for all of us to find donors, partners, and communities that are ready to work with us. By qualifying your club each year, you agree to follow their financial and grant management practices. Qualifying your club for global grants takes three steps:

1. Attend a grant management seminar. Rotary members involved in grant funded projects should participate in a grant management seminar in the district. If the members involved in the project cannot attend, your club can send its president-elect or another member. A minimum of one representative from your club must attend the grant management seminar.

2. Complete the club memorandum of understanding (MOU). The MOU is an agreement between your club and district that outlines the Foundation’s minimum requirements for managing grants. Your club president and president-elect review the MOU, sign it, and submit it to your district.

3. Agree to any additional qualification requirements set by your district. Rotary’s policies establish a shared standard for all Rotary clubs. Your district might have additional requirements.

The above steps MUST be completed annually to even qualify for the next years Grant Programs.

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