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Rotary Foundation Grants 101: International Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is as much a part of Rotary as service is. We bring together leaders, within our community and worldwide, to exchange ideas and take action. We feel the best collaboration takes place when leaders of different cultures work together on a project. That’s why we’ve made international partnerships a required element of global grants.


To apply for a global grant, two or more Rotary clubs or districts must work together.

• The host sponsor is the partner in or near the community that’s implementing the project.

• The international sponsor works with the host sponsor, but it’s located outside of the host sponsor’s country.

All sponsors must meet global grant requirements and eligibility. Although they can’t sponsor global grants, Rotaract clubs can help carry out projects and participate in vocational training teams. Contact a prospective sponsor’s district Rotary Foundation chair to find out whether it’s qualified.


Host and international sponsors have different responsibilities. However, the roles of each sponsor also depend on the clubs involved, the community’s strengths, and the nature of the project. As in all good relationships, communication is the key.


Collaborating with another organization can enhance the quality and effectiveness of your project. A cooperating organization can provide technical expertise, advocacy, training, education, or other support. If you work with a cooperating organization, both clubs and the organization must complete a cooperating organization memorandum of understanding before beginning your project. Although other organizations and volunteers may play a large role, the project sponsors are ultimately responsible for the financial management of the grant and for ensuring that the project achieves its intended results.

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